Why take a class with me instead of an online course?

Your CA will get 20 years of experience and clinical examples that relate to each topic, plus I have been mentored by the late Dr. Janice Justice.  This rich history makes the class more relatable and enjoyable.  Many of your CA’s are very new to Chiropractic and some are even new to working in an office - they get to ask questions and share with each other, this greatly adds to and deepens their learning. I have a 20 year history and many experiences to draw from in this Chiropractic a profession that I love so much. I assure you your CA will come in Monday morning with lots of new learning and questions to better her/his time spent in your office supporting you towards success!

Chiropractic Assistant Initial Training for Certification

This class is a required 12 hour necessary for becoming a Certified Chiropractic Assistant.  I have been approved by the board to teach this class. 

If you have a staff person you have been wanting to get certified as a Chiropractic Assistant now is the time.  This is a fun class and we cover a lot of material.  Twelve total hours, eight include the classroom work where we cover topics like Medical Terminology, Anatomy, HIPAA, Charting and Coding, Boundary issues and  Chiropractic Philosophy; the remaining four hours are hands-on where we learn about the various physiotherapy modalities, safety and patient comfort, good communication and the stages of soft tissue repair.  These are some of the topics we cover, as you can see it’s a large amount of material. 

I teach this class every month and it’s almost always the second weekend of the month. 
Saturday is from 9A-5P and Sunday is from 8A-12N.


For pricing and more information call 503 516 5226.

Optional PhysioTherapy Book:  $35
and can be ordered at:  https://uwsbookstore.com


Vitals Class

All Certified Chiropractic Assistants are required to take Vitals before their first renewal, which will be the last day of their birth month.  I teach this class the same weekend as the CA class on Sunday from 1P-4P.  The class is a two hour required Continuing Education with the third hour as a hands-on, practicing on each other while collecting the required 20 vitals on at least 10 people. 

This class you will learn to take blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature.  You may bring your own equipment so you can get used to what you will be using in the clinic.  I do have a few stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs for you to use if you don’t have any.  You are welcome to bring analog cuffs or wrist cuffs as well. 

Each student will leave the class with a Certificate of Completion.  It is my recommendation that you send a COPY of the certificate to the Board along with either your application or renewal.  That way if by chance it gets lost you have the original to send another copy if needed.

Cancellation policy.

For pricing and more information on the Vitals class call 503 516 5226. If you take the CA Certification training and Vitals on the same weekend then I reduce the cost.